Sunday, 23 September 2018 | 16:55 WIB

Japanese Businesses Improve Road Access for Residents with Special Needs

A number of Japanese companies facilitate road access for disabled people.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Japanese government along with a number of entrepreneurs inaugurated the improvement of road access and the provision of barrier-free facilities for wheelchair users in Tangerang and Bekasi areas.

The inauguration and hand-over of school for special needs students was held on Wednesday (10/11/2017)) in Bekasi District, West Java, attended by representatives of the Japanese embassy in Indonesia, Shigemi Ando, President Director of PT Denso Indonesia, Takeshi Kamenori, Director of PT Yusen Logistics Indonesia Kazuo Kawata, and Board of Trustees of the Indonesian Wheelchairs Foundation (WAFCAI), Agus Setiawan.

Mamiko Setyawaty, staff of information and culture of the Embassy of Japan, said improvements to facilities such as roads with access for people with disabilities are part of the "Development of Self-Reliance Support Facility Project in Bekasi and Tangerang Areas" funded by Japan's Grassroot grant, worth IDR829 million.

"In the project there has been improvement of barrier-free environments, toilet renovation, road improvements and other development at two Special Schools (SLB) Negeri Bekasi and SLB Darul Muhsinin) and at two facilities for people with disabilities (Yayasan Sayap Ibu of Banten Province and Kube Punda) in South Tangerang City, Bekasi City and Bekasi Regency in West Java Province," said Mamiko Setyawaty in a written statement on Thursday (10/12).

Mamiko added that the program are also supported by a number of Japanese companies such as PT DENSO Indonesia, PT Toyota Tsusho Alllife Corporation and PT. Yusen Logistics. The embassy also held sessions on how to use the barrier-free facilities to students, parents, and teachers at the special schools, as well as wheelchair users in the Bekasi and Tangerang areas.