Sunday, 23 September 2018 | 17:35 WIB

Ministry of Social Affairs to Scholarship Receipients: ’Come Home, Build This Country”

Ministry of Social Affairs sends off students of Institute of Education Fund Management (LPDP) scholarship recipients

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Minister of Social Affairs Khofifah Indar Parawansa asked students of Institute of Education Fund Management (LPDP) scholarship recipients not to forget to return to Indonesia after completing their masters and doctorates studies. Students, she said, should be at the forefront in building Indonesia to become more competitive among other countries in the world.

"Never forget to go home and build Indonesia, I hope the competitiveness of Indonesia is increasing and able to compete with other countries in the world," said Khofifah when receiving 121 students of LPDP Year 110 at Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery Park (TMPNU), Thursday (10/12/2017).

According to Khofifah, there will be plenty of job offers when studying overseas. However, she hoped that the students would prioritize the interests of Indonesia.

Therefore, the Minister asks students to focus on learning well, create ideas, and innovations in various fields so as to bring the Indonesia to compete in the global arena.

Khofifah also reminded the scholarship recipients of their status as ambassadors of the nation. Students, said Khofifah, should be on their best behavior for the sake of Indonesia. "Do not let our words, attitudes, and behavior tarnish the name of Indonesia," said Khofifah.