Sunday, 23 September 2018 | 17:31 WIB

Landslide Still Happening in Southern Cianjur

Longsor yang terjadi di Cianjur menyebabkan ratusan rumah rusak.

CIANJUR, NETRALNEWS.COM - Natural disasters in the southern region of Cianjur, West Java, continue to occur, this time dozens of houses in Naringgul District, damaged and some of them leveled with the ground, while cracked showed in tens of meters of provincial road.

Landslide occurred Tuesday (10/10/2017) night, after heavy rain flushed tthroughout region since the afternoon, until late evening, the result of cracks began to appear on the cliffs near the settlements.

Not long ago, avalanche of cracks hit residents' homes in Wangunjaya Village, where six houses were reportedly damaged. The same thing happened in Wangunsari Village, 11 houses were hit by landslides, some of them collapsed," said Usep (40), Wangunjaya Village resident, Thursday (10/12/2017).

Until now, small avalanches have continued to occur, but they have no impact on people's settlements, but cracks in provincial roads continue to grow, although they are still possible to pass through but road users are warned to be extra careful.

He explained that residents whose homes were damaged were evacuated to nearby neighbors and relatives where they were considered safe from avalanches because the rain was still going on, so residents were advised to be on the alert because they feared aftershocks could occur at any time.

"The villagers and the village officials were watching the cliff status because they feared that the movement of the land would continue to spread and again cause landslides, and they would urge people to evacuate if they see the movement again," he said.

Head of Cianjur Regional Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Asep Suparman, said that he has not received official information from Naringgul sub-district related to landslide, but his office will send the team to the location to conduct inspection and data collection.

"The avalanche has caused the long-term disaster in the south for the past two weeks, before the landslide hit Takokak, Tanggeung, Cibinong, Sindangbarang and Agrabinta, and we will report it to BNPB and Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency as a flood and landslide alert status updated," he said.