Friday, 17 Augst 2018 | 03:02 WIB

Djarot: Jakarta Govt to Team up with Police to Secure MRT, A National Vital Object

Jakarta Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Jakarta Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat said that the mass rapid transit (MRT) which is now being intensively constructed is a national vital object.

"MRT is obvit [vital object] especially underground [sections]," Djarot said at City Hall, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/13/2017).

Therefore, continued Djarot, Jakarta Provincial Government will work together with the police to secure the project.

"We are compiling on the locations of object, later with the police. So we are good with police," he explained.

For information, the MRT current development only reaches the first phase, which connects Lebak Bulus (South) to Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Central).

Meanwhile, the construction of the MRT project for phase II (Bundaran HI-Kampung Bandan) has entered the stage of determining the trace. Traces from HI Roundabout to Kota (Old Town) have reached final stage.

The traces from Kota (West) to Kampung Bandan (North) are still indicative, because PT MRT Jakarta is still waiting for the clarity of use of lands owned by PT KAI in Kampung Bandan to build the North-South MRT depot.

Meanwhile the phase III according to plan is to connect West with East Jakarta, which in the early stages of the plan will be built from Kembangan (West) to Ujung Menteng (East), then Balaraja (Tangerang Regency) to Kembangan, and Ujung Menteng to Cikarang (Bekasi Regency). (*)