Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 04:48 WIB

Which is Better? A Cat or a Dog Lover?

Having a certain type of pet influcences someone’s characteristics.

JAKARTA, NNC - Recent studies show that having cats or dogs as pets have in fact affected the nature of a person.

The Daily Mail reported that people who express excessive affection to animals is considered as the most conscientious and easily agitated.

Scientists in Japan however, discovered that cats are as smart as dogs in certain memory tests.

So we know that cats and dogs are equally smart, but what about the humans who take care of them? A study at the University of California, Berekeley, USA, shows that cat people tend to be more agitated, while dog lovers are described as more open to others.

Another study at Caroll University Winconsin finds that cat people have higher intelligence values than dog lovers. But dog lovers are energetic and much more of a social butterfly than cat people who are considered too rigid.