Tuesday, 20 February 2018 | 18:30 WIB

Priced Higher, Local Salt Has Difficulty to Compete with Imported One

Salt Farmers

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The price of imported salt is cheaper by about 10 percent compared to local salt, until finally many industry salts is imported from abroad.

Secretary General of the People's Coalition for Fisheries Justice (KIARA) Susan Herawati explained the price of farmers' salt will be difficult to compete, especially when the wet dry season is over and imported salt is distributed.

"The spread of [imported] salt can be 10 percent of the price [of salt] we can produce, quite high and very much different from imports. When wet dry season is over, our salt will be battered in the market," Susan said in Jakarta, Saturday (8/12/2017).

KIARA also proposed the government to fix the basic purchasing price (HPP) amounting to IDR2,500 to IDR3,000 per kilogram so that farmers get certainty during wet dry and harvest seasons.

According to her, the drop in salt prices in producer areas such as Lombok could have an impact on the salt farmers becoming shrimp farmers.

Susan added that in addition to the cheaper price of imported salt, the salt produced by local farmers cannot meet the 97 percent level of Natrium Chloride (NaCl) as the industry needs.

According to Susan, the highest level of NaCl that can be produced by local farmers is 94 percent, but can be increased to 97 percent if supported by technology, such as iodization machine. (*)