Friday, 22 June 2018 | 10:03 WIB

Annual Members Meeting Strategic for Cooperative Development

Illustration: Cooperative (Solopos)

BOGOR, NETRALNEWS.COM - The implementation of the Annual Members Meeting (RAT) of the cooperative has an important and strategic meaning in the development of cooperatives towards a better direction.

Because, this forum will discuss and decide important policies in the cooperative, especially related to the decision of members of the accountability of the board and supervisor in running the organization and business cooperatives.

Deputy of Institutional Sector of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Meliadi Sembiring said this when giving a speech at the opening of the 7th RAT of Joint Cooperatives of Tofu-Tempe of Indonesia (Gakoptindo), in Bogor City, Friday (05/19/2017).

At the event attended by Chairman of Gakoptindo Aip Syaripudin, Vice Chairman of Dekopin Sukri, and Micro Director of Bank BRI Joko Purwanto, Meliadi gave appreciation to all of Gakoptindo's board and supervisors who have organized the RAT in a timely manner.

"This reflects that the implementation of democracy, transparency and accountability in the management of Gakoptindo goes well," said Meliadi.

Moreover, continued Meliadi, RAT of cooperative is an important agenda that becomes the duty of the board to organize in an orderly manner in accordance with applicable regulations.

"So it can produce strategic and constructive decisions for the future development of cooperatives," he said.

Therefore, Meliadi hoped that the implementation of the RAT can run in good and quality manner followed by the active role of all participants, so that the resulting decision is really beneficial for the development of cooperatives.

"A good and quality RAT will result in good and quality decision and recommendation as well. And that is the foundation for the cooperative managers in managing the organization and efforts towards quality cooperatives," added Meliadi again. (*)