Sunday, 18 November 2018 | 06:29 WIB

Recording 50 Listed Companies, IDX Reaches Highest Achievement since Privatization in 1992

Illustration: IDX

JAKARTA, NNC - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has listed the 50th issuer in 2018, namely PT Dewata Freight International Tbk (IDX:DEAL) engaged in cargo shipping, on Friday (11/09/2018).

The year 2018 is a historic year for the IDX because it had already recorded the highest Listed Companies since bourse privatization in 1992.

Not stopping at number 50 of the Listed Companies, IDX is optimistic that the number of Listed Companies throughout 2018 will continue to increase. At present there are fourteen potential companies in the IDX listing pipeline.

The achievement of the number of listed companies is certainly inseparable from the support of the Government to create a favorable economic climate, as well as the support of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to drive companies to utilize the Capital Market in business development.

IDX has always been committed to encouraging an increase in the number of Listed Companies with various efforts, including interacting and directly playing an active role in visiting pockets of entrepreneurs in various regions in Indonesia.

One of IDX's commitments to improve public understanding of fundraising options for companies through the Capital Market is through Capital Market and go public education in the form of go public workshops and one-on-one meetings.

IDX Commitment is supported and implemented jointly with Bourse Members (AB), legal consultant offices, advisory in the Capital Market, company associations and other supporting institutions/professions.

In addition to listing shares, 79 of bonds and sukuk have been issued throughout the year 2018 with a total issuance value of IDR97.24 trillion, Government Securities (SBN) with a total issuance value of IDR173.78 trillion, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) of eight Collective Investment Contracts with a total initial issuance value of IDR53.9 billion, and three Asset Backed Securities (EBA) with a total initial issuance value of IDR3.62 trillion.

IDX hopes that more companies can become part of the Capital Market by recording securities on the IDX. With the increasing number of listed companies on the IDX, it is expected that there will be more choices of investment instruments for investors to accelerate company growth and spur Indonesia's economic growth.