Friday, 14 December 2018 | 22:14 WIB

Jakarta Composite Index weakens to 5,789

The JCI weakened to the 5,789 level

JAKARTA, NNC - The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) reverses direction at Wednesday's closing trade, Sept 12. Although its more in the positive area since the beginning of the trade, the index closed down 32.96 points (-0.57%) to 5,798.15.

The index rate throughout the day is at its lowest level at 5,798.15 and its highest level at 5,870.59. The trade volume reached 9.17 billion shares, with a buying and selling frequency of 376,697 times, and a transaction value of IDR 7.2 trillion.

Foreign investors does a nett sell of IDR 648.59 billion in all markets. Some 207 stocks rose, 180 fell, and 117 shares stagnated.

Almost all of the sectoral stock indexes weakened led by the financial sector which fell the lowest of 1.99 percent, followed by the basic industrial sector down by 1.13 percent, and the various industry sector slumped 0.45 percent.

Stocks which recorded the deepest decline in prices includes GLOB (down 25.93 percent to IDR 120 per share), SHID (fell 19.6 percent to IDR 2,010 per share), and PGLI (dropped 16.8 percent to IDR 208 per share).

Its top gainers among other are BCAP (up by 33.33 percent to IDR 256 per share), MITI (rose 31.94 percent to IDR 95 per share), and ABBA (spiked 31.34 percent to IDR 88 per share).