Tuesday, 23 April 2019 | 09:49 WIB

This Tiu Dua Waterfall Ecotourism Spot Will be Managed by Batudulang BUMDes of Sumbawa

Tiu Dua Waterfall is located in Batudulang Village, Sumbawa Regency

SUMBAWA, NNC - Tiu Dua Waterfall is located in Batudulang Village, Batu Lanteh Subdistrict, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This ecotourism developed by a group of young people in this village has been managed by the village for two years.

"This tourism was first developed by Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Youth Group). Then we get help from tourism, assisted by plazas so that it is known by the wider community. Pokdarwis is also diligent in posting it on Facebook, so people know," said Khairudin, Section Head of Batudulang Village Government.

Khairudin said Tiu Dua tourism will according to plan be managed professionally by Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes). For the time being, tourism management is still entrusted to the Pokdarwis.

"Pokdarwis first, after that we form BUMDes. Only then capital participation comes from village funds. But before that we will work together with the tourism agency, because there are elements of tourism, and there are elements of forestry because this is forestry concession," he explained.

Not only Tiu Dua Waterfall, Batudulang Village also has another tourist spot named selfie spot tower. This tourist spot presents a wide view from a height very suitable for being a selfie spot.

"Before getting to Tiu Dua, we will pass the selfie spot first. Going to the waterfall it's free, but going to the selfie spot, you pay IDR5,000 per person and also motorcycle parking. as for cars IDR7 thousand. This waterfall is just an attraction, a bonus actually. The important thing is if people want to go to the waterfall, they pay for parking, buy food," he explained.

Khairudin admitted the revenue obtained from the two tourist spots is still very small around IDR5 million per year. Number of visitors is also still dependent on seasons such as holidays and celebrations. When crowded, bus visitors reach up to 500 visitors per day.

"If going to the waterfall since the terrain is still difficult, you have to go through the forest and walk, those coming [here] are still very little. Unless you [come] together, eat together here [Tiu Dua]. If not together, usually [visitors] are hesitant," he said.