Friday, 19 April 2019 | 09:52 WIB

Indonesia Exports 28 Tons of Nutmeg to Egypt Worth IDR2.4 Billion

Signing of a purchase contract between PT Eshan Agroindo Mulia and an Egyptian company.

JAKARTA, NNC - Spices from Indonesia, especially nutmeg and cloves are increasingly in demand in the Egyptian market.

To meet market demand, an Indonesian company, PT Eshan Agroindo Mulia, posted a contract to ship 28 tons of nutmeg to Egypt. The nominal purchase contract reached US$163,100 (around IDR2.4 billion).

Signing of a purchase contract between PT Eshan Agroindo Mulia and an Egyptian company, Al Tawfick & Al Karam Import & Export took place at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday, September 9, 2018.

In addition to nutmeg, the contract also booked the purchase of 15 tons of cloves from Indonesia valued at US$99,000 (around IDR1.46 billion). Also, witnessing the signing of the contract were the Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt, Helmy Fauzi and the Indonesian Embassy's Trade Attache in Cairo, Burman Rahman.

The signing of this purchase contract is a continuation of a similar agreement signed in March 2018. At that time, the contract was to purchase commodities of 17 tons of nutmeg worth US$105,400.

Representatives of Al Tawfick & Al Karam, Amir Karam claimed to be happy to do business with Indonesian companies because, the quality of spice commodities in Indonesia is favored by Egyptian society. Not only that, it even went to re-export Indonesian commodities to a number of neighboring countries such as Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia.

Amir added, his company wanted to increase the type of imported commodities from Indonesia, namely cinnamon. Therefore, he plans to visit Indonesia in the near future to find a supplier of cinnamon. "If there is a suitable price, we want to buy directly," he said

"The signing of this purchase contract is increasingly convincing that our products are very competitive and able to penetrate the African market," said Ambassador Helmy in a statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/11/2018).

Data reported by the Egyptian Statistics Agency (CAPMAS) shows Egypt's total trade with Indonesia in the period May 2018 was recorded at US$498,118,766. This figure is up 3.23 percent compared to the same period in 2017 which amounted to US$482,545,412.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's exports to Egypt in the period May 2018 reached US$463,072,406, an increase of 5.46 percent compared to the same period in 2017 of US$439,079,927. Whereas Indonesia's imports from Egypt during the period May 2018 decreased by 19.37 percent from US$43,465,485 (2017) to US$35,046,360 (2018).