Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | 03:00 WIB

Indonesia-Denmark Collaborate in Gathering Best Practices of Waste Management

Illustration: Workers separating waste.

JAKARTA, NNC - The Ambassador of Denmark to Indonesia Rasmus Abildgaard Kristensen conveyed that Indonesia and Denmark share best practices for the management and reduction of waste production and its utilization to encourage environmental sustainability.

"We share our experience with the Indonesian people. Indonesia may be inspired and adopt a number of best practices for waste management. We also provide concrete support for very specific initiatives to help solve the waste problem," Ambassador Rasmus said in a commemoration of World Environment Day, Tuesday night (6/5/2018).

As quoted by Antara, Ambassador Rasmus said the Danish and Indonesian governments are trying to collect best practices of waste management and describe it as a practice that is easily accessible and understood by everyone.

He said his side also wanted to help Indonesia improve its data because if it does not know how much waste is generated and its causes, it will be difficult to solve the garbage problem.

With such knowledge, it is hoped that the targeted program will be realized which will provide many benefits for the reduction of waste pollution.

Ambassador Rasmus advised the Indonesian people to understand that it is necessary to protect and preserve the Indonesian state which has a truly fantastic landscape, beautiful beaches, forests and nature from the damage caused by garbage because otherwise some day that beauty will be lost.

He added the Danish government also provided technical assistance by sending experts from Denmark to Indonesia.

"My embassy is coordinating Danish technical experts to come to Indonesia to teach and give their experience to the Indonesian side," he said.

The Indonesian delegation has also visited Denmark to learn various ways of handling garbage seeing how Denmark actually manages waste and processes waste into energy sources, processes waste into biogas and encourages sustainable businesses.