Thursday, 24 January 2019 | 18:33 WIB

Depok City Has Promising Investment Climate

Mohammad Idris (depok)

DEPOK, NNC - Depok City Government is focused in increasing the city’s economic growth from year to year and the results have been positive.

One proof is shown by the Economic Growth Rate (LPE) of Depok City from 2008 to 2017, as a whole has undergone a positive change.

"The trend of LPE in Depok every year is getting better. In 2017, our LPE reached 7.28 percent, that number increased by 0.64 percent from the previous year," said Depok Mayor, Mohammad Idris recently.

Mohammad Idris added that Gross Regional Domestic Product (PDRB) per capita of Depok City from 2011 to 2016 also increased.

"Starting from 16.23 percent, 17.59 percent, 19.69 percent, 21.54 percent, 23.05 percent, and 24.49 percent," he explained as quoted from the official news page of Depok City Government on Wednesday (5/16/2018).

Among the factors driving the increase of LPE, said Mohammad Idris, is due to the presence of entrepreneurs who invest in the city of Depok. Both investments in the economic sector and infrastructure development.

Based on data from Depok City Department of Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP), the most positive investment climate is property, trade and services, and warehousing.

Property has a portion of 35-40 percent of the total investment that goes into Depok. While trading by 20 percent, services by 20 percent, and others by 20 percent.

Head of Depok’s DPMPTSP, Yulistiani Mohtar said it has implemented various activities to stimulate investment in the city of Depok. And at the same time, provide a variety of useful information for investors.

"For example, facilitating the promotion of investments held annually or preparation of incentive studies and disincentives investment," she said.