Thursday, 24 January 2019 | 17:56 WIB

Dropping to 7.19 Percent, Export Realization Unaffected by Rupiah Weakening

BPS says decline in export realization in April 2018.

JAKARTA, NNC - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said the decline in export realization as of April 2018 reached 7.19 percent to about USD14.47 billion. That number is the impact of the weakening of the rupiah against the dollar.

Head of BPS Suhariyanto said Indonesia's main export is still based on the commodity which is unaffected by the exchange rate.

"As rupiah weakens, export should be more competitive. This is good opportunity for export. But our export structure is still commodity-based, so our exports must be revamped," he said at the BPS Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/15/2018).

Finally, Suhariyanto said, the government should immediately diversify exported products. it is because commodity-based exports are more influenced by market demand and value.

"So the export structure must be improved. It should diversify the products and the market. The rupiah depreciation [should] give our exports a boost, right, but how to utilize that," said Rachman.