Friday, 17 Augst 2018 | 03:02 WIB

BPS: Import Realization Grows 11.28 Percent

BPS: Import Realization Grows 11.28 Percent

JAKARTA, NNC - Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded the realization of Indonesia's imports in the last period increased to reach 11.28 percent.

The figure was recorded in March 2018 approximately reaching USD16.09 billion. While compared to April 2017, it went up approximately 34.68 percent.

Head of BPS Kecuk Suhariyanto said the import value of April 2018 jumped significantly so that the total import stood at USD16.09 billion. "If compared to the import in March 2018 that means an increase by 11.28 percent, but compared to April 2017, the rise was very high by 34.68 percent," he said in his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/15/2018).

Kecuk added that the rise in imports in April 2018 also occurred due to higher imports for consumer goods, raw materials, as well as capital goods. For consumer goods, those experiencing a rise in imports were frozen meat, pears, and apples.

"Meanwhile imports of raw materials rose 10.73 percent month-to-month, due to the raw materials needed by the domestic industry. The capital goods also rose 6.59 percent, those rising were like machines and some others," he added.

Meanwhile cumulative-wise, the total imports of Indonesia in the period of January to April 2018 reached USD60.05 billion. Compared to the same period last year, the realization of imports rose 23.65 percent.

"With the record, non-oil and gas imports went much higher. The biggest share was from electric aircraft engines. Three types of goods increased, but consumer goods rose significantly by 26.09 percent and raw materials by 21.86 percent," concluded Kecuk.