Thursday, 21 March 2019 | 20:54 WIB

JCI Opened Positive Before Decreases 6 Points in Early Trading

Illustration of JCI

JAKARTA, NNC - Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) opened at positive level of 6,279.6 at the opening of the weekly trading on Monday (4/16/2018). But when the official trading started, JCI immediately moved down six points (-0.99 percent)

A total of 111 stocks recorded an increase, 96 stocks fell, and 127 others stagnated. Trading volume of 836.3 billion shares, frequency 3,620 times, and trade value reached IDR379, 8 billion.Foreign investors recorded net selling of IDR12.8 billion in all markets.

The weakening of JCI was pushed down by the sectoral index of financial stocks which declined 0.46 percent, the basic industry sector fell 0.26 percent, the property sector fell 0.18 percent, and the trade sector fell 0.12 percent. The highest rise was mining at 0.34 percent.

Indah Prakasa Sentosa (IDX:INPS) rose 24.8 percent to IDR1,560 per share, followed by Indo Acidatama (IDX:SRSN) up 18.18 percent to IDR78 per share, and Metro Realty (IDX:MTSM) rose 17.7 percent to IDR346 per share.

Meanwhile, top losers were Radana Bhaskara Finance (IDX:HDFA) down 14.2 percent to IDR187 per share, Gihon Telekomunikasi Indonesia (IDX:GHON) down 6.67 percent to IDR1,470 per share and Indo Straits (IDX:PTIS) down 5.9 percent to IDR316 per share.