Friday, 22 June 2018 | 02:56 WIB

Indonesia and US Continue to Strengthen Cooperation in Maritime Field

Deputy of Maritime Sovereignty Coordination of Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Arif Havas Oegroseno.

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesia and the United States continue to strengthen cooperation in maritime field and the oceans law. The Government of Indonesia through the Coordinating Ministry for the Ministry of Maritime Affairs (Kemenko Maritim) held the 2nd Indonesia-United States Oceans Law and Maritime Policy Dialogue, in Jakarta (3/29/2018).

This is the second meeting between Indonesia and the United States, a part of bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Indonesia and the United States, which has been agreed in 2016.

The goal is "for both countries to understand each other's policies, especially about maritime as well as how the understanding of the two countries about marine law convention," said Deputy of Maritime Sovereignty Coordination of Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Arif Havas Oegroseno.

This bilateral dialogue was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives of related institutions. The US Delegation presented representatives from the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Ministry of Defense, the US Navy, the US Coast Guard and representatives of the US Embassy in Indonesia.

The enhancement of maritime cooperation between Indonesia and the United States, which is the aim of this second bilateral dialogue, is the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Republic of Indonesia Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla RI) and the United States Coast Guard. The United States invited Indonesia to become part of The Safe Ocean Network Steering Committee.

The follow-up of US support to Indonesia to host the East Asia Summit Marine Litter Conference is also discussed in this dialogue. On this occasion Indonesia also invited the United States to attend the ASEAN Regional Marine Forum Litter Project.

Related to the maritime sovereignty of both countries, this dialogue opportunity also discussed the guarding and maintenance of the site of USS Houston cruise ship that sank in the Bay of Banten in World War II.

Deputy Havas added the agenda of this dialogue is considered very strategic for both countries, because many things can be discussed together. In addition, the US government is also very concerned, seen from the path of a very dynamic dialogue.

"Later on, as a follow-up, there will be training, a kind of delivery of civil servants for apprenticeship to the United States and vice versa. Then, the maritime specialist school in America that can be used as a platform, to be an example of maritime schools at the local government level and also the central [government]. In addition, cooperation to overcome the problem of illegal fishing and cooperation to cope with sea waste," concluded Havas.