Saturday, 18 Augst 2018 | 07:44 WIB

IDX Opens First Market Investment Gallery in Tasikmalaya Traditional Market

IDX opened first market investment gallery in Tasikmalaya traditional market.

TASIKMALAYA, NNC - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) together with Reliance Sekuritas and Universitas Siliwangi inaugurated the first Market Investment Gallery in Indonesia located at Cikurubuk Market of Tasikmalaya, West Java. The inauguration of Investment Gallery is in line with IDX commitment to facilitate the public to get information related to Indonesian Capital Market.

The inauguration of the Investment Gallery of Cikurubuk Market, Tasikmalaya was conducted by IDX Director Tito Sulistio, Director of Reliance Sekuritas Sriwidjaja Rauf, President Director of PD Pasar Resik Asep Safari Kusaeri, and Dean of Economic Faculty of Universitas Siliwangi Beben Bahren on Monday (2/12/2018). Also attending the inauguration were Bureau Head of Investment Facilities and Regionally-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) Mohammad Arifin Soedjayana, Deputy Mayor of Tasikmalaya Muhamad Yusuf, and Head of Financial Services Authority of West Java Regional Office 2 Sarwono.

In a written statement submitted by IDX Corporate Communications Division, the reason for the establishment of Investment Gallery in traditional markets is the existence of traditional markets that are needed by the community along with their important role in mobilizing and growing the community's economy. Traditional markets are also known as locomotives and marketing centers of local products, so traditional markets can absorb much of the crowd's public potential.

In addition, in traditional markets people can blend freely, they are not distinguished by the level of economic, social or religious status, and in traditional markets there is large enough velocity of money and goods. Traditional markets can also help accommodate the absorption of local workers, especially those without special expertise.

Moreover, Cikurubuk Market of Tasikmalaya is the largest traditional market in East Priangan area, and it can even be said as the biggest traditional market in West Java. This market has an area of 43,120 square meters with as many as 10 blocks.

Investment Gallery of IDX is one of the ways for IDX in expanding the inclusiveness of Indonesia Capital Market. IDX Investment Gallery has 3-in-1 concept aka cooperation among IDX, Universities and Bourse Members.

The IDX Investment Gallery is expected to be mutually beneficial for all parties so that the dissemination of capital market information becomes more effective.