Wednesday, 15 Augst 2018 | 04:49 WIB

UNPAD Holds Seminar on Government Regulation 36/2017 Post Tax Amnesty

Comprehensive Discussion on Government Regulation (PP) 36 Year 2017 Post Tax Amnesty

BANDUNG, NNC - FEB UNPAD in cooperation with IAI KAPj, IAI of West Java Region and IAPI of West Java Region held a year-end 2017 tax seminar with the theme: "Comprehensive Discussion on Government Regulation  (PP) 36 Year 2017 Post Tax Amnesty” at the hall of MM FEB UNPAD Building in Bandung on December 6, 2017.

The seminar was attended by more than 100 participants, most of whom represented professions of public accountant and consultant in Bandung and its surrounding areas.

The event was opened by Nunuy as Chairman of Accounting Study Center FEB UNPAD and also Chairman of IAI KAPd. Further keynote speech was delivered by John Hutagaol as Director of International Taxation Directorate General of Taxes and also as Chairman of IAI KAPj.

The panelists at this taxation seminar are Pontas Pane representing Directorate General of Taxation, Darussalam as tax observer and Fredy representing public accountant.

At the event, IAI also formed the KAPJ of West Java Region with the election of Memed and Juan as chairman and secretary.

In his speech, John Hutagaol expressed his appreciation to FEB UNPAD and IAI which have prepared the seminar.

Related to the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) No. 36 Year 2017, it is to follow up the mandate of Law Number 11 Year 2016 on Tax Amnesty.

Meanwhile, the issuance of Regulation of Finance Minister no. 165/PMK.03/2017 is to provide second opportunity for taxpayers who have followed the tax amnesty program or who have not settled their tax obligation up to year 2015 by making improvements of their annnual income tax report (SPT PPh).

This is required by the taxpayer who has not had time to settle their tax report before the start of the global information disclosure era for the purpose of taxes which Indonesia will start in September 2018.

John added tax seminars or other discussion forums are needed by the public to have a correct understanding of taxes and it will raise awareness of obligations and rights in the field of taxation.

The seminar ended with souvenir presentation and continued with talks with participants.