Sunday, 23 September 2018 | 17:13 WIB

HKTI Chairman: Continuous Development of Coconut Products will Benefit Coconut Farmers

Indonesian Military (TNI) General (Ret.) Moeldoko (right), Chairman of the Indonesian Farmers Association (HKTI) (hktimediacenter)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Indonesian Military (TNI) General (Ret.) Moeldoko, Chairman of the Indonesian Farmers Association (HKTI), says the continuous development of coconut products will promote coconut farmers in Central Maluku. His statement is a response to the explanation of coconut practitioner's explanation, Prof. Leo Koritelu about the coconut production business in various forms in Central Maluku.

This was stated by Moeldoko when he received several Central Maluku Regional Representatives, Prof. Leo Koritelu, and accompanied by Vice Chairman of HKTI M. Hatta, George N. Kuahaty MM,  and some board of HKTI members at the Secretariat of HKTI in Menteng, Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/11/2017).

On the occasion, George Kuahaty said that currently Central Maluku province is in need of attention from the central government in terms of community empowerment in Maluku, especially in Central Maluku Regency.

He continued that HKTI is expected to be able to encourage the government in providing development assistance in agriculture, plantation for food security and food sovereignty in Maluku.

At the same time Prof. Leo Koritelu also explained that there arecoconut production businesses in various forms, including cocco fiber, cocco fit, VCO and others. The products have been exported to China, especially to Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangjou.

Answering HKTI Chairman’s question about the potential of coconut fruit in Central Maluku district, according to Prof. Leo there are about 17 million coconut seeds per month.

Moeldoko further said that currently President Jokowi is working hard for the rice field program in Merauke regency can be solved that is the problem of land of rice field that must be mixed with cocco fit as planting medium.

While John Patty as a member of Parliament of Central Maluku Regency also said that currently there are approximately 2018 hectares of rice fields in Central Maluku district which will enter the planting season in October 2017.

Therefore, it is expected that the General Chairperson of HKTI can provide an opportunity for the farmers' groups in Central Maluku district to experiment with the M400 varieties which is the superior product of the Moeldoko’s technology research seedlings.

John Patty also expects that the HKTI General Chairman can also encourage the government to assist the Central Maluku Regency government in obtaining seeds, fertilizers and hand tractors for farmers.

The hearing concluded with the appointment of General TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko as the Commander of the Maluku Provincial Farmers, particularly the Central Maluku district marked with the unique Maluku cloth tracing by George N Kuahaty and the handover of souvenirs of Salawaku as a symbol of the hero of a commander by John Patty representing the people of Central Maluku.