Friday, 19 April 2019 | 09:25 WIB

Lao Ministry of Defense Expresses Interest to Repurchase Weapons from PT Pindad

Weapons made by Pindad

LAOS, NETRALNEWS.COM - Vice President Export of PT Pindad Ridi Djajakusuma said the Lao Ministry of Defense expressed interest to re-purchase weapon products from PT Pindad.

"We made presentation in front of the Lao Ministry of Defense to re-introduce and promote Pindad products. They are very interested to buy Pindad weapons again. What they are highly looking for are short rifles and ammunition," said Ridi in Vientiane, Laos, Sunday (9/24/2017).

PT Pindad is one of the Indonesian companies that participated in the Trade and Tourism Fair 2017 held by the Indonesian Embassy in Vientiane in the framework of the 60th Anniversary of the Indonesia-Laos bilateral relationship.

According to Ridi, the military cooperation between Indonesia and Laos is quite close. The Lao Ministry of Defense since 2014 has started buying weapons products from PT Pindad, including 60 G2 Combat pistols, 35 SS1 V2 (assault rifles), 35 SS1 V4, and ammunition.

"At a meeting with the Lao Ministry of Defense on September 21, they expressed interest in purchasing a G2 Elite Pistol and Pindad SPR 2 Sniper Rifle and ammunition," he said.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Laos in October this year is going to visit Indonesia and will also pay a visit to PT Pindad.

A total of 27 Laos soldiers are currently participating in a training Indonesia trained by Group 1 of Army Special Force Command (Kopassus) for the preparation of The ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM) 2017 in Singapore.

"They are delighted of Pindad products because since buying and using Pindad products they have become the 3rd winner at ARRM in Thailand," said Ridi. (*)